Preparations for the programme "Train the trainers"

The programme "Train the Trainers" is based on a synergistic combination of the updated methodology of cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises and an adapted approach to interpreting the main principles of Ukraine’s societal resilience in the context of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

"Resilient Ukraine" launches a new phase of cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises in cooperation with the NGO "School of Mediapatriots"

As our experience of conducting several cross-sectoral simulation exercises in Ukraine’s regions during 2022-2023 was successful, it has also shown that many citizens of Ukraine are optimistic about the future, see opportunities for self-realization in their country, and, most importantly, are ready to join projects aimed at learning and sharing practical experiences on resilience building.

“Resilient Ukraine” Presented the Results of Cross-Sector Crisis-Simulation Exercises

The Resilient Ukraine team presented “Cross-sector cooperation: lessons for a resilient society,” an analytical report based on the results of cross-sector crisis-simulation exercises in Kyiv on 28 March 2023.

"Resilient Ukraine" completes cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises in Odesa!

The Estonian-Ukrainian development co-operation programme "Resilient Ukraine" conducted the eighth cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises on January 30-31, 2023.

"Resilient Ukraine" holds cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises in Ternopil

From 28 to 29 November, 2022, the “Resilient Ukraine” programme held cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises in Ternopil.

Expert talks by Resilient Ukraine in Canada

Dmitri Teperik, ICDS Chief Executive and Programme Director of Resilient Ukraine, addressed various Canadian audiences on the issues of strengthening Ukraine’s resilience during the recovery phase.

“Resilient Ukraine” visits Zakarpattia with the cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises

From 3 to 4 November, the "Resilient Ukraine" programme held cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises in the city of Uzhhorod to strengthen resilience at the local and regional levels.

“Resilient Ukraine” continues cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises

This time, the "Resilient Ukraine" team organized tabletop exercises within the project “Strengthening Ukraine’s Societal Resilience through Building Regional Expertise and Analytical Capacity in Civil Security Issues” held in Lviv from 31 October to 1 November.

Resilient Ukraine discussed recovery plans with the U.S. partners

Dmitri Teperik, ICDS Chief Executive and Resilient Ukraine Programme Director, visited Washington, D.C. during 13-14 October 2022 to present and discuss the major findings of the field research and policy recommendations on Ukraine’s development needs in operational continuity, civil security, law enforcement, crisis preparedness and strategic communications.