Preparations for the programme "Train the trainers"

The programme "Train the Trainers" is based on a synergistic combination of the updated methodology of cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises and an adapted approach to interpreting the main principles of Ukraine’s societal resilience in the context of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

The strategic goal of this event is to train new agents of community resilience who are able to share the training experience through a greater involvement of various to conduct cross-sectoral crisis exercises in Ukraine's regions for strengthening resilience, public safety and security on local level.

The training programme includes general modules and workshops aimed at deepening the understanding of "resilience," "crisis," "risks," "crisis management," and "communication". As a learning outcome, trainees will get skills to plan and prepare simulation exercises and develop mechanisms for cross-sectoral interaction in the communities of Dnipro and Odesa regions.

The main topics of the training will include:

  • Introduction about the "Resilient Ukraine" programme

  • Local communities and groups of interest in the context of resilience

  • Crises through the prism of social psychology

  • Crisis management and cross-sectoral cooperation

  • Scenario building, modelling simulation and logistics planning

The project's expert team:

  • Dmytro Teperik, Resilient Ukraine Programme Director

  • Mati Raidma, Member of the Estonian Parliament, UN crisis expert, former Director of the Estonian Rescue Department

  • Kaisa Üprus-Tali, expert in humanitarian crisis management, Head of the Department of Refugees and Social Integration in Tallinn, Estonia

  • Andriy Zagorodsky, communications expert

  • Ihor Trydub, facilitator, psychologist, expert on countering human trafficking

  • Dmytro Kuznetsov, facilitator, expert on participatory and civic engagement

  • Ivan Vartovnyk, expert on countering disinformation

  • Vadim Ivanov, EU crisis expert, crisis director of the Estonian Social Welfare Board

  • Oleh Pokalchuk, social and military psychologist, lecturer in strategic communications at the SSU Academy

  • Iryna Raboshtan, communications expert

Among others, successful participants will obtain from the training::

  • profound knowledge of the role and capabilities of local communities and groups of interest in advancing societal resilience

  • Methods to build scenarios, modell simulations, and planning training logistics 

  • understanding of analytical approach to risk forecasting and crisis management

  • networking with various representatives from different spheres of public life 

  • the opportunity to become a part of the international community

  • an official certificate to confirm the training in conducting crisis exercises on local level

The project is implemented with the support of the Embassy of Estonia in Kyiv.