Preparations for the programme "Train the trainers"

The programme "Train the Trainers" is based on a synergistic combination of the updated methodology of cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises and an adapted approach to interpreting the main principles of Ukraine’s societal resilience in the context of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

"Resilient Ukraine" launches a new phase of cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises in cooperation with the NGO "School of Mediapatriots"

As our experience of conducting several cross-sectoral simulation exercises in Ukraine’s regions during 2022-2023 was successful, it has also shown that many citizens of Ukraine are optimistic about the future, see opportunities for self-realization in their country, and, most importantly, are ready to join projects aimed at learning and sharing practical experiences on resilience building.

“Resilient Ukraine” Presented the Results of Cross-Sector Crisis-Simulation Exercises

The Resilient Ukraine team presented “Cross-sector cooperation: lessons for a resilient society,” an analytical report based on the results of cross-sector crisis-simulation exercises in Kyiv on 28 March 2023.