Resilience-oriented reforms start with strong communities which develop their security and safety on the ground

Riga Conference Discussion "Looking forward Ukraine: Future of Security. Cooperation Between Ukraine, NATO and the EU" was held on April 14, 2021

Another Provocative Test of Ukraine’s Societal Resilience

The attention being paid to the geopolitical implications of the situation developing on the Russia-Ukraine border should not overshadow the need to also respond to Russia’s day-to-day manipulation of Ukrainian society, especially in the regions located near occupied Crimea and the frontline in eastern Ukraine.

Online discussion "Countering Malicious Influences. The European Experience"

ICDS Chief Executive and Programme Director “Resilient Ukraine” Dmitri Teperik shared Estonia's experience in countering malicious influences and outlined the commonalities of disinformation and malicious influence, explained how they are viewed by the security sector.