"Resilient Ukraine" in cooperation with the NGO "School of Mediapatriots" is preparing to launch a new stage of cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises

The experience of conducting cross-sectoral simulation exercises in 2022-2023 has shown that Ukrainians are optimistic about the future of Ukraine, see opportunities for self-realization in their country, and, most importantly, are ready to join projects aimed at learning and sharing experiences.

Currently, the team is working on updating and adapting the methodology of cross-sectoral crisis simulation exercises previously developed by the Resilient Ukraine program. The concept of cross-sectoral training emphasizes the basic principles of civic resilience: communication, coordination and cooperation, trust and credo, and the ability to overcome difficulties and obstacles together.

At this stage, we plan to launch a pilot work direction and start training trainers: conducting crisis exercises and at the same time preparing trainers who can spread the acquired experience among colleagues in their sectors of activity by conducting crisis exercises on their own. Sharing the experience gained by project participants will further strengthen civilian resilience, as the readiness of trainers to do so will be one of the criteria for selecting future trainers.

The exercises help to practically sharpen community resilience skills and abilities, as well as synchronize them with civilian security risks.

It should be noted that the crisis exercises will take place in the format of three-day offline training in the second half of October 2023 in Kyiv region with the involvement of participants from Odesa and Dnipro regions.

The call for participants will be announced shortly.

The project is implemented with the support of the Embassy of Estonia in Kyiv.