Dmitri Teperik took part in Salzburg Global Seminar on Supporting the Ukrainian Civil Society

From July 11 to 15, 2022, Salzburg Global Seminar convened Ukrainian civil society leaders in Schloss Leopoldskron (Austria) in order to discuss and identify the priorities and recommendations, as well as to promote cohesion and generate further support for Ukraine’s civil society post Russia's full-scale invasion in February 2022.

Dmitri Teperik, director of the “Resilient Ukraine” programme, was among the 48 guests invited to “Salzburg Global Seminar”. His proposals regarding information security laid the foundation for the seminar’s final document —"The Salzburg Statement of Ukrainian Civil Society".

"Improving information security and combating manipulative content are critical to strengthening Ukrainian society,” Dmitri Teperik said. “Even in the times of war, we can achieve this goal if we invest in independent media, which serve as an effective tool to counter malign manipulations of the public opinion.”

Furthermore, the “Resilient Ukraine" programme director drew the attendees’ attention to Ukrainian society’s psychological well-being and mental health amidst the full-scale Russian war.

"Our programme’s operations in the western regions have demonstrated that Ukraine will benefit enormously from the resources designated for the initiatives aimed at mitigating the socio-psychological consequences of war,” he said. “We can contribute to this cause by launching projects and programmes that will focus specifically on mental health and psychological traumas in particular,” Dmitri Teperik concluded.

The full text of the “Salzburg Statement of Ukrainian Civil Society” is available via the link.

For reference:

“Salzburg Global Seminar” is an independent non-profit organization, established in 1947.

“The Salzburg Statement of Representatives of Ukrainian Civil Society” assigns the leading role in winning the war against Russia and steering the country’s post-war reconstruction to Ukraine’s civil society. It lists priorities and recommendations, as well as calls for quick and decisive action to address the immediate needs of the Ukrainian people.